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Flipbook Software AnyFlip Helps Diversify Your Catalogue

Catalogues are mostly used for presenting your products and attracting more customers. However, to cater for different target audiences, you have the trouble in creating different catalogues. Fortunately, the flipbook software, AnyFlip, has made it possible for you to diversify your catalogue easily.


Customized Catalogue Appearance

The first sight that meets customers’ eyes is the appearance of your catalogue. offers you an easy way to change the look of the catalogue with your different needs. First, you can design the page thickness. There are 5 kinds of page thickness: None, Thinner, Thin, Thick and Thicker. If your target audience is the group of bookworms, you’d better define the page thickness as Thick or Thicker. When you want to sell your products to white-collar works, the thin page thickness will work best for your purpose. Apart from the page thickness, with this software, you are able to customize the color for the edge of the page thickness. You can choose bright colors to attract children. Or you can change the default color to a darker one for those elegant ladies. What’s more, AnyFlip helps diversify your catalogue in the visibility of the thumbnails pallet. You are able to decide whether to show the thumbnail pallet or not when your customers open this catalogue.


Convenient Content Control

To diversify your catalogue, the most important thing for you to do is the adjustment of the contents. AnyFlip has also given us a fast and neat solution to this problem. With the use of this software, you can enrich the contents with movies, links, images, shapes and the rest. For example, if you have an online shop, you can link the product displayed in the catalog to the page where you sell it. You are also able to add links to your social networks such as facebook. For those customers who think a catalog without photos is just like socks without feet, you are capable of adding enough professional images by using the embedded tools in this software. Considering the adjustment of contents also has something to do with the shorten contents, AnyFlip also provides us the tool to cut some contents from the catalogue. The Page Manager feature of this software allows you to manage all pages of your book by adding, deleting and re-arranging them. If you want to cut the contents of a certain page from the catalogue, you just need to click the delete icon to remove this page.


Multi-language Support

Language is worth to be considered when you are prepared to diversify the catalogue. AnyFlip now supports 17 languages including English, Chinese and so on. With the language setting feature, this flipbook software enables you to choose the specific language in which readers will get to see your catalogue. Then the chosen language will be applied to the flipbook tips and the button descriptions, although it does not make any change to the language of the texts in your catalogue. Furthermore, if necessary, you are able to select more than one language for your catalogue so that readers can switch to preferred language while reading the flipbook.


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