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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

Image to Flash Converter for Mac

Change you image to flipping flash photo gallery on Mac device!

  • Mac Platform support software (Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Lion, etc included);
  • Frame and Clip Art provides to decorate the import images;
  • Publish image book to FlippingBook, PDF or other output type;
  • Enable readers download, printable and more obligation to your flash Photo slideshow;
  • Allow readers to Share with friends on websites such as Twitter and Face book;
  • Make flash flip book more flexible and run on any computer and mobile devices;
  • Output as HTML, EXE, ZIP, APP format and Publications for CD, DVD and USB-Sticks;
  • Build-in templates and themes provides and download free themes from the website.
Choose Image to Flash Converter for Mac, you can benefit a lot!
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Flash Player 10.0+

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Image to Flash Converter for Mac is special design for Mac platform which enable you create normal image book and the convert it to flash flip gallery on Mac device. Image to Flash Converter for mac is easier than ever to add photos, create flipping flash photo galleries with music on mac, and share the flash flip gallery with your friends and family in convenient way.


The software gives you a new way to create flash flipping book which without any program tricks. With Image to Flash Converter, it provides two edit interface to make attractive flash photo slideshow. The first edit interface enable you create image book then publish to flash flippingbook, PDF or other output type; the second edit interface helps your convert you image book to flash flippingbook.

Custom solution for Mac user, various Mac devices support


  • Image to Flash Converter for Mac is special design for Mac platform software which can be running on different Mac system;
  • Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Lion, etc Mac device support;
  • Publish page turning book as HTML, APP format.



Various build-in functions for you to create image book

Various build-in functions for you to create image book

  • Directly add any images from your computer to flash flip gallery;
  • Various build-in Frame and Clip Art to decorate the import images and design image effects with use top toolbar buttons;
  • Choose the image output quality and page layout;
  • Page settings that can add bookmark, water mark and security.

New way to create stunning flash flip gallery

New way to create stunning flash flip gallery

  • Two edit interface: first edit interface to create image book and second edit interface to create flash flippingbook with real page flipping effect;
  • Publish Image book to different output type. Publish to Flippingbook, Build PDF, Build and Email, Build and Ftp, etc;
  • Create stunning flash flip books without any flash knowledge, coding or design skill.

Realistic page flip effect, user Friendly interface

Realistic page flip effect, user Friendly interface

  • Click and drag any page corner to see a realistic page flipping effect. Make ebook readers feel like holding a realistic page-flipping book in their hand;
  • Zoom in/out, full screen, sign/double page and auto flip view mode give flash photo gallery readers a comfortable reading experience;
  • Create hard cover for your page-flipping digital book, give you flash flip gallery a real book-like effect.


Total design and control the flash photo gallery

Total design and control the flash photo gallery

  • Enable readers print, download and search you flash flip gallery, give readers more access to your digital flip publication. You can total control your digital publication depends on how tightly you want to control;
  • Change the viewer, add background sounds, image or customize the flash photo gallery layout to design outstanding flash photo gallery.



Using share button to share with more peopleUsing share button to share with more people

Image to Flash Converter for Mac provides email and social share buttons allow visitors easy to share your flip digital book with others. The share functions will help the book visitors easily share page-flipping digital publications on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and so on. Extend the reach of your content to connections in visitors' Twitter networks.


Mobile device support

Mobile device supportWant to create page turning web pages that can be running on mobile device like Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and iOS? Image to Flash Converter for Mac helps you easy create page turning book to view the publication on PC, Mac and mobile devices. Only a browser is required in a mobile device to get it work. Convenient for readers reading and turn everybody on your new publications.



Google Analytics IntegrationGoogle Analytics Integration

Extend the power of Google Analytics in your publications. By inputting your Google Analytics account ID in the flash flip gallery, you can monitor and analyze the traffic of your online flipping book with ease in your Google Analytics account live. Nice way to increase your marketing effectiveness using Google Analytics within the publications.



You can benefit a lot from us

You can benefit a lot from us

  • We have the competitive price but without any quality and serves loss;
  • There are no hidden charges in Image to Flash Converter;
  • Once you have paid, you can enjoy unlimited convert;
  • Later update versions are Free for you;
  • 30 days money back guarantee.


Photo gallery create Options


1. Easy and quickly create flip Image files from computer directly;

2. Add photo to flip album page from your computer;

3. Add Clipart from list or browse from your computer to decorate you album page;

4. Add Frame to beautify you insert photo;

5. Control image output quality and page layout;

6. Design image effects with use top toolbar buttons;

7. Page settings, image Transform to control the image size, location, rotation and effect;

8. Page settings that can add bookmark in you flash flip gallery.


Various format output


1. Output your Image to flip book as HTML, EXE, ZIP and APP;

2. The HTML allows you to upload to a website to be viewed online;

3. APP is executable application can be run on Mac;

4. Publish for viewing on mobile devices (iPhone,iPad, iPod Touch, and even Android-powered devices);

5. Beside *.html, *.app out format, you could also burn digital catalog to DVD/CDs. ement.


Build-in templates and themes helps to efficiently create flash photo gallery


1. Four free templates and various theme provided in Image to Flash Converter Mac;

2. Classical template enables show you flip book in unadorned style which without button toolbar;

3. Float template is the most flexible template to help you carry out many functionalities on your created flip flash photo gallery;

4. Neat template provides a stylish and fresh look for you to build neat feeling flip flash publications;

5. Spread template shows all the buttons on the left and top of flip flash photo gallery;

6. Remove the build-in template&themes which you don’t want it.


Customize the flash template


1. Save the design settings for feature use;

2. Import the flash templates which you can download from our website or the previous reserves;

3. Tool Bar Settings

  • Title bar settings, add book logo and logo URL in flip flash photo gallery;
  • Custom the help config, show/hide the help button and insert the help content;
  • Print settings enable or disable readers print your page flip book and add print watermark file in page-flipping digital book;
  • Download settings allows or not allows flip book readers download flip book and add download URL in flip flash photo gallery;
  • Sound settings control the sound play and add sound file;
  • Zoon settings enable book readers to zoom and define the zoom range;
  • Enable readers share flip flash photo gallery with their friends, clients via email;
  • Enable readers share flip flash photo gallery with their friends, client on social website (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc);
  • Language settings customize the flip book language and enable readers switch language;
  • Define the toolbar button icon color;
  1. 4. Flash Display Settings
  • Control flip book pages pre thickness and background Alpha;
  • Retain the book to the center, add commercial Ads on the left;
  • Font settings custom flip book font color, button font and page index font color;
  • Background settings define the background bar color, thumbnail background color, and page background color;
  • Add Outer background file and Inner Background file and define set them position;
  • Insert background sound to make the flip flash photo gallery animated;
  • Book Proportions settings custom the page width and height;
  • Book Margins settings. Design top margin, Bottom margin, Left margin, Left margin, and Right margin size;
  • Page Shadow setting control flip book page shadow;
  • Hide book Frame Bar. Make you flip flash photo gallery seem sample;
  • Enable readers flip you flash book right to left;
  • Create Hard Cover for you flip flash photo gallery;
  • Flipping Time Settings. Control the flipping time for you flip book;
  • Page Number settings set the start page number;
  • Minime Style setting, create mini flip flash photo gallery for web use.


  1. 5. Flash Control Settings
  2. Links settings. Define the mouse over color, custom link open window and enable after zooming in.

User-friendly interface & Convenient view mode


1. User-friendly interface and convenient view mode allow readers comfortable reading flip flash photo gallery and attractive more potential customers;

2. Thumbnails are reduced-size versions of pictures to help recognizing and organizing flip digital book;

3. Bookmark helps locate any page of the book in a matter of seconds;

4. Zoom in, zoom out to zoom in/out the flip flash photo gallery page;

5. Full screen function enable flip book applied to the entire screen;

6. Single page and double page view mode provide convenient way to reading the flip book;

7. Click "Auto flip" button to automatic flip your flash slideshow.