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Can I adjust the brightness of images with Image to Flash Converter?

Q:Hey, now I know how to begin to use image to flash converter, but I still got something confused. That is how to adjust the brightness of images which I imported.

A:About image to flash converter we know that it is useful and helpful to convert images to flash flip album. However, we do want to keep some pictures with not so good brightness. And it will take much time for us to PS or adjust it one by one before we convert them to flash flip album. Now, with image to flash converter, it provides a convenient way to adjust the brightness of the photos quickly. Anyway, it won’t take you much time to work it but several clicking on the icon. Now let’s begin to adjust the brightness of the photos.


Step1: Import the images you want to the Image to Flash Converter;

Step2: Select the image you would like to improve and weaken brightness and then the toolbar will show up;

Step3: click the icon of improving or weakening brightness and start to adjust them into the satisfied effect;

Step4: If you mistake one step or others just click the “redo” icon on the last of the toolbar.






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