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Does Flash Converter for Shopping allow me to add a logo?

Q:Hi, I would like to convert my PDF catalogue into flash flip catalogue as your demo shows. But I do think if it can allow me add a logo into flash flip catalogue it will be more perfect. So, please help.

A: As we know that logo always play a very important role in advertising your company and enhance the product and company reputation. Anyway, it is also an effective way to make others start to know you with company logo. In flash converter for shopping, you are able to add logo or add logo URL with several steps. It is not complex but easy to operate successfully. Now, let’s get start to add your logo into flash flipping to make your flash flipping book be more fantastic and mark the ownership for your flash flipping book.


Step1: check the right design setting button list on the left;

Step2: find out the “Title Bar” on the top of the drop down list of design setting button;


Step3: click the “the book logo” box to select logo picture in your computer;

Step4:If you need, a URL can be put with the logo.




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