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Does PDF to Flash Converter support to show single page?

Q:Hi, I would like to have a try to make my flash flipping book work as singe page. When I have a introduction for something with flash flipping book, I just don’t want others to know what I am going to say so quickly. So, does PDF to Flash Converter support to show single page?

A: As we know that PDF to Flash Converter is a converter that enables users to convert PDF into flash flipping book which has page flip effect exactly. Sometimes, we just don’t make others know what we want to say next and would to keep some secrets for the content to want to talk about. And now, if PDF to Flash Converter enables to make your flash flip book show single page, it may help you a lot to keep a senses of secret for your content. Anyway, it is quite simple to make your flash flip book work as singe page flipping book.


Step1: open PDF to Flash Converter, move your mouse to setting button list;

Step2: find out the “single page” column in the drop-down list;



Step3: select “Enable” from “Enable Single Page” and select “True” from “Show Defaulty” box;

Step4: click “Apply Change” to save and start to view the single page effect of your flash flipping book.

However, just select “Enable” from “Enable Single page” box is not enough. The single page effect will be shown with “Enable” from “Enable Single page” and “True” from “Show Defaulty” box.






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