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Does Flash Converter for shopping allow insert image into flash flip book?

Q: Hey, I plan to buy flash converter for shopping. But I got one question here. Dose it allow me insert a page into converted flash flip book? I do want to add that image in my flash flip book.

A:Perhaps you just would like to insert a page of image to enrich your flash catalogue or pass the information with a visual and simple way. Flash Converter for shopping is able to meet your need perfectly. It allows you to insert a page of image (PNG, jpg, SWF). Now, let’s start to settle this down.


Step1: open “edit Page for Shopping Cart” window to start;

Step2: find out the insert button on the top of thumbnail;

Step3: click “insert a page” button to add image that you need;

Step4: If you don’t like the image, just delete it with the button next to the “insert” button.


Kindly reminder: you can’t view the page effect in edit shopping cart window but the main window of Flash Converter for PDF.


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