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How can I move the pictures up or down with Image to Flash Converter?

Q:Hey, image to flash converter is quite great helper to convert my images to flash flip album. But I wonder is there a way to move the pictures up and down easily.

A:Image to Flash Converter allows users to convert images to flash flip album which is exited as page turning e-book. On one hand, it is quite fresh and wonderful then the ordinary photos album with the page turning effect, on the other hand, it will be stored as easy as you want with the flexible output options. Now let’s show you how to set the order of pictures as you want.


Step1: Launched Image to Flash Converter and then start to add images to the program;

Step2: Select the pictures you would like to change the order and then right click, there will show a options list;

Step3: Then you can choose to move the pictures up, down and move first even move last based on your real need;

Step4: After that you will see the pictures are with the order you changed just now.






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