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How to bookmark a page of my flash flipping book?

Q:Hi, I finished converting one novel with your PDF to flash converter. And I want to know how to bookmark one of my pages. It seems a little bit complicated for me. Anyway, just tell me how to set up a bookmark successfully for me.


A:As we know, it is quite inconvenient for us to read a really long story without bookmarking a page that you read last time. When we read a paper book we can double back the page as a bookmark, but what about a flipping book? Please do worry about that. We design a bookmark function in flip book maker either. Here we are going to bookmark a page as example.

Step1: click “bookmark” window (next to the Design setting button), turn to the page you want to bookmark;
Step2: click adding button, add the page as a bookmark;

Step3: you are able to rename a title for your bookmark, or if you don’t need it anymore, just delete it with 叉 .



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