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How to insert the shape on flash page with PDF to Flash Converter Professional?

Q:Hi, about the social share function, I don’t quite understand how to use it. And I have no idea how to make it work. Just please show me the details about social share function.

A:Insert shape on the PDF to flash book is the new feature of the latest version PDF to Flash Converter Professional. With the insert shape function, users can mark the content of PDF to flash book easier than before. There are line, line-arrow, rectangle and highlight color even ellipse. They are useful tools to mark the content on PDF to flash book with PDF to Flash Converter Professional. Now let me show you the detail steps to insert shape.


Step1: Launch PDF to Flash Converter Professional then goes ahead import the PDF to program;

Step2: Click “Edit Page” and then come to “Flip Page Editor” find out “shape to insert” button;



Step3: Then there will be four choices just pick up the proper one and insert it on the flash page easily;

Step4: Click “save and exit” to save the change and view the result after inserting the shape on the PDF to flash book.




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