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How to make flash book work as flip page on mobile device with PDF to Flash Converter?

Q:Hi, I have just purchased PDF to Flash Converter software that said it work on mobile device. And now it didn’t work as page flip on mobile devices only single page. How to solve this problem?

A:Do you want to carry around your PDF to flash book in order you can view the interesting PDF to flash anywhere and anytime when you get bored? With PDF to Flash Converter, the PDF to flash book can be viewed on the portable device. Then you also can choose view the flash book as flip page or single flip page. If you don’t know how to make the PDF to flash flip on the mobile device, just follow my steps to make it.


Step1: Launch PDF to Flash Converter and then add PDF file to start editing;

Step2: click “Apply Change” to refresh the PDF to flash book or embellish it with the useful buttons;

Step3: Come to “Convert to Flipping Book” window and then select “html” and “Also Make Mobile Version”;

Step4: Choose “flip” or “slide” from the option of mobile version then convert. After that just put all files on the mobile device and open the html file directly.





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