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How to make the link work in Office to Flash Converter?

Q:Hello, I convert a PDF magazine to flash flipping book. And you know there are some links on the book catalogue. But the problem here is my link doesn’t work after I converted it into flash flipping book.

A: As we know that Office to Flash Converter allows users to convert office file into flash flipping book. And nowadays many magazines or e-books will have some quick links on the book catalogue. It provides a quick way to link to the page that you are interested in when you begin to see the book catalogue. Here we are sure that office to flash converter enables users to import the link on the magazines or e-books. It is not difficult to operate and not complicated to make it work. We just need to click several buttons. Now, just follow my steps to make it work.


Step1: Open Office to Flash Converter and click the import office button to start;

Step2: Select the check box for “import links”. (It is a very important action, if you didn’t select this check box, the links will not be imported to flash flipping book);


Step3: After selecting the check box for import links and then click “converter” to start to convert your PDF to flash flipping book;

Step4: Click “Apply Change” to view the link situation. If the link can work, there will have a highlight color when you move mouse to the link.





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