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How to share my flipbook online?

Q: After converting a flipping book with PDF to Flash Converter program. There is a new problem. That is how to share the flipbook online successfully.


Ⅰ.If you have a website and server, then just upload all the output files through FTP

1.Log in via FTP of your website. For example, our website domain is;

2.Then start to upload all the output files (including “files” folder, SWF, js and HTML files) to your website or sever; For example, the output directory is D:\pdf-to-flash-converter\Dropbox\Public\flipbook; then just upload the output files to corresponding position of your website sever;

3.Then view uploaded flipping book at directly;




Ⅱ.If you don’t have website or sever to publish flipbook online, you may have a try of drop box which enables utilize to publish your created flipbooks online;

1.Access to website of drop box ( and start to create your drop box account and download Dropbox. exe first;

2.Then run the drop box program, open the folder named “Public” which is under drop box path create your new directory such as “flipbook”;

3.Then make sure the output files(including “file”folder, html, js, swf files) is under the path as "… \Dropbox\Public\flipbook";



4.Then right click the file “index.html” under the path as "… \Dropbox\Public\flipbook", select “Dropbox Browse on Dropbox Website” to view the flipbook directly or select”Dropbox Copy Public Link” to share the online link in public; the link of flipbook like:


Ⅲ.If you want to show the flipbook as a part of your existing webpage or blog page;

1. Upload all output files include "*.html", "*.swf" and "files" folder to the same path where the webpage loaded (the same FTP method);

2. Edit the source code of your webpage (with HTML editor like Dreamweaver, or Notepad etc.), insert the paragraph below into the code;

3. Save the webpage, then open it in your Browser, check that whether the inserted flipbook can be viewed or not.




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