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How to social share flash catalogue with Flash Converter for Shopping?

Q:Hi, about the social share function, I don’t quite understand how to use it. And I have no idea how to make it work. Just please show me the details about social share function.

A:Flash Converter for Shopping is amazing software that enables convert PDF catalogue to flash catalogue easily. On one hand, it provides an easy way to convert wonderful page flip catalogue on the other hand, the flash catalogue can be shared on the social media sties exactly. Then as you know that, it is quite a good way to make your flash catalogue has more audiences and viewers. Now, let’s start to make the social share function work.


Step1: Run Flash Converter for Shopping and then import PDF file to the program and refresh the flash catalogue with “Apply Change”;

Step2: Here you should make the social share button show first and then convert to flipping catalogue and then upload the flash catalogue online, or the social share function can’t work;

Step3: After uploading the flash catalogue online just click social share button, select a website you are going to share the flash catalogue then it will turn to the website page automatically;

Step4: Then the link will be shared and you can enter some words to describe the flash catalogue as well.







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