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May I embed pictures on flash page with Flash Converter for Shopping?

Q:Hi, I do know how to add background music and change the background for flash flip book. But I have no idea to embedded pictures on some flash pages. Anyway, just tell me what to do.


A: As you know, the main different feature of PDF to Flash Converter is adding multimedia elements. Edit Page for Shopping cart allows you to add a picture or more on every flash page as you need. The function of adding picture is to make you change or add more beautiful pictures with PDF to Flash Converter easily. Let’s show you how to embed a picture on PDF to flash catalogue.

Step1: open PDF to Flash Converter; click “Edit Shopping Cart” to start;

Step2: click pop up photos button to add a photo and add some actions for the photos;


Step3: save the change and then view the result in the main window (as below picture shows);


Kindly Reminder: the photos you add later will not cover the content or picture in PDF to flash book. It is transparent. You just need to click the space you put photos on, the photos will show up.


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