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What does other search function use for of PDF to Flash Converter?

Q: Hey, I know the how to search information I need with search button quickly. And I just don’t know what does the search function on the top of the buttons list do?


A:As we can see that, there are various buttons in PDF to Flash Converter. With these buttons, the PDF to flash book can be embellished and be more attractive and impressive. With search button of PDF to flash converter, the relative buttons you need can be found out easily with entering the keywords of the button. And then there will show several relative buttons. Anyway, it is a quite easy and convenient way to find out the button you need on the button list quickly. Now just follow our steps to find out the button you need quickly with search button.

Step1: Run PDF to Flash Converter and then import the PDF file to the program first;

Step2: Move to design setting and come to the search box on the top of the list of button;

Step3: Enter the keyword of the button you need on the box and then click “Enter” button on the keyboard or just click the button next to the box;

Step4: Then the button you need will be screened on the list of buttons as below.





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