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Where to change the templates with PDF to Flash Converter software?

PDF to Flash Converter software provides at least three kinds of templates for user to choose. The main products have at least four kinds of templates or get more online without paying anything. With the templates, the PDF to flash book can be embellished into more beautiful and wonderful and then enable attract so many impression and get more attention. Anyway, the PDF to flash book can change the templates with several easy steps.


Step1: Launched PDF to Flash Converter Software and then continue with importing the PDF file to program;

Step2: Go to “Design Setting” window and then move to templates setting and then click on the “Neat”;

Step3: Get into my templates of “Select a template” window then select the template you want and double click on it and then it will show on the PDF to flash book;

Step4: If you are the users of our main product, you can get more online templates freely.





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