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Free PDF to Flash

Free PDF to Flash Converter to convert PDF files to Flash book!

  • PDF files import, flash (swf) file output;
  • Easy and quickly convert PDF to flash book;
  • Standalone software without any application support;
  • Total free software convert pdf to flash without any pay;
  • Flexible convert mode choose Batch Convert and Hot Directory and Command Line Mode;
  1. Choose Free PDF to Flash, you can benefit a lot!



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Flash Player 10.0+

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Free PDF to Flash is 100% free software just for you to convert static PDF documents into stunning Flash (SWF) book in real-time. This Totally Free software provides Batch Convert, Hot Directory modes and Command Line Mode for you to convert large quantities of PDF files on the fly and turning those PDF documents to flash (SWF) book. Easy-to-use software suit for all levels user to creates flash book from PDF without any programming knowledge, coding skill. Just three simple steps: Choose Convert mode -> Load PDF file(s) -> convert to flash (swf) book, then publish it for online sharing with your friends, company partners, clients in Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google, etc.


Totally Free Converter


  • PDF to Flash is totally free software for you to convert Adobe PDF files to animated Flash (swf) movies. You can directly download the full version to use without registering;
  • It’s standalone software, convert PDF to Flash (swf) movies without third party applications support;
  • Later upgrade versions freely forever, unlimited PDF files convert.


Easy to convert

  • quick_easy_convert_pdf_to_pptConvert PDF files to flash (swf) book within three simples. Import, choose convert mode, output;
  • Convert without any program knowledge, coding skill;
  • Thousands of PDF files can convert to Word at once with few mouse click;
  • Automatic load layout, content and hyperlink from original documents.

Flexible convert mode choose

Flexible convert mode choose

  • Batch convert mode: batch convert PDF files to flash (swf) book;
  • Hot Directories convert mode: running as background program, when someone copy the PDF files, it will directly converted to flash book and sent to an output directory;
  • Command line convert mode: Use CMD dialog box to convert PDF to flash book.