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Free PDF to Office Converter

Free converter makes you convert your PDF into four office file easily and directly!

  • Absolute freeware to convert PDF file into word, PPT, Image, flash;
  • Flexible operation mode to choose;
  • Customize converting rang;
  • Full customize the page flip book from toolbar to flash display to flash effects;
  • Enable convert a folder of PDF smoothly;
  • Enable page flip book readers print, download or share with others.
Choose Free PDF to Office Converter, save much time for you!



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Flash Player 10.0+

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Free PDF to Office Converter is a powerful converter that able to convert your PDF into other office format file (such as doc, PowerPoint, Adobe flash, image). There are three modes to choose when you open PDF to Office Converter. They are Batch Convert Mode, Hot Directories Mode and Command Line Mode. The batch converter Mode allows you to convert a folder of PDF files at the same time. It is one kind of short cut to convert many PDF files quickly. Hot Directories Mode is able to convert PDF file into Image, Doc…etc directly. You can customize the output direction and log path direction. In addition, you are allowed to select a type (doc, PowerPoint, Adobe flash, image) to convert your PDF files exactly. Furthermore, setting button which is in every mode is supported you to set up files base on your need. Free PDF to Office Converter is a great helper in your business and daily life. You can convert PDF file into four different types in a freeware. Free office converter do benefit you a lot with saving time to convert PDF files into doc, ppt, image, flash files to edit, store or share.


Absolutely free converter

Totally Free Converter

  • PDF to Office Converter is absolutely a freeware to help you deal with the daily formats conversion. It allows you to convert PDF files to flash (SWF file), doc, ppt, image freely and directly.
  • Free to download and try. We guarantee you don’t need pay for this software and without registering.


Convert PDF into Doc, PowerPoint, Image, Adobe FlashRealistic page turn effect, user Friendly interface

  • Edit your PDF file smoothly with converting it into Word. Word file is much easier to edit than PDF. PDF to Office Converter help you edit pages quickly;
  • Show your PDF file intuitively with converting it into PowerPoint. There’s no doubt that PowerPoint is a great way to impress your audiences about you;
  • See your PDF file handily with converting it into Image. If you convert it into image, you just need to check your file pages by pages with one click.
  • Watch your PDF file easily with converting it into Flash. Convert PDF file to flash with PDF to Office Converter means you can view your PDF files with flash automatic play.

Three Modes to convert PDF fileTotal design and control the flash flip book

  • Batch Convert Mode. It will automatically convert several PDF as a folder files one by one. Save time to convert PDF with batch convert mode.
  • Hot Directories Mode. Customize the input directory, output directory and log file path freely. Then your PDF file can be converted and output as image directly.
  • Command Line Mode. Convert PDF files into Word, PPT, Flash and image with using command line easily.

Setting of PDF to Office Converter

Using share button to share with more people
  • Common Setting. Set up PDF converting range (all range or Range from) and name of PDF convert patterns. Next is setting about PDF convert output.
  • Setting of images type. Set up color and quantities of different formats (BMP, PNG, JPEG) of output image type smoothly.








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