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FlashConverter PDF Reader (Freeware)

Open your PDF file quickly and view smoothly with FlashConverter PDF Reader!!

  • Open PDF file quickly;
  • Attractive simple interface;
  • Read PDF files as flipping book comfortably;
  • Entirely freeware to download and install;
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Flash Player 10.0+

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The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a popular format to publish formatted text and documents. Whether you're a consumer, business, government agency, or educational organization, you need to read PDF documents regularly. Now we launch a free PDF reader to make you view the PDF as flipping book style. With FlashConverter PDF Reader, on one hand, you can read PDF file as flipping book; on the other hand, it enable you to zoom in/out, auto flip and view the thumbnails and so on. Free FlashConverter PDF Reader brings you to read your PDF file as a real book which has 3D page turning effect smoothly. However, Free FlashConverter PDF Reader is small in size and big in feature.


Entirely Freeware FlashConverter PDF Reader



    FlashConverter PDF Reader is a freeware to download and install. Users just need to open the FlashConverter PDF Reader and then import PDF file without any charge and register. It is an entirely freeware to read your PDF file as flipping book style.


Simple operation platform of FlashConverter PDF Reader



    There are no too many buttons in the user interface of FlashConverter PDF Reader. There is a big window for reading your PDF file. It is one button to import PDF file and then several buttons to operate the flipping book in order you can get start to use and read your PDF file without any help.

Open PDF file quickly and Read PDF smoothly

Flexible convert mode choose

  • Open PDF file quickly. There is a button “open PDF” on the top left of FlashConverter PDF Reader to import your PDF. When you are in “import PDF file” window, select one PDF file and start to import.
  • Read PDF smoothly. After importing PDF file into FlashConverter PDF reader, you can begin to read PDF as flipping book which enable users to turn page by clicking the bar or page button and is with read page turning sound.

Read PDF in a more comfortable way



  • Enable to zoom in/out. If you do feel the words are in small size, just use the zoom in/ out tool and then FlashConverter PDF Reader will adjust the flipping book size. Anyway, the page will be up and down as mouse move up and down. One click to zoom in and click again is to zoom out.
  • Enable print the PDF file. It is three choices for you to choose. One is to print all the page nother are printing current page and customize print rang.
  • Enable view the PDF thumbnail. When you want to skip some pages and go one page directly you can click thumbnail to find out the page you need and then it will go there quickly.
  • Or you can enter the page number in the page number box as well.

  • Enable auto play PDF to Flipping book. PDF to flipping book can be play automatically

    with the button “auto play”. When you are tired to turn the page by hand, auto play is a good way to read PDF file exactly.